INO: Initial NIU Offerings
Niubiswap is also premiering its Launchpad, a platform for other DeFi and yield farming protocols to launch their tokens. The Launchpad is specially designed to serve as a yield farming generator with a focus on projects coming out of the Asian communities. This means that it will provide an opportunity for Asian-created yield farming protocols to launch on our platform and participate in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market.
Niubiswap’s Launchpad will allow users to vote on the projects to be marketed and launched on the platform. Projects will gain access to the Asian yield farming market, an opportunity to increase its users and offer its problem-solving solutions. In the end, we want our users on the platform to vote which projects get put onto the launchpad because in the end we are a community driven project.
We invite you to submit your project with us!
Last modified 6mo ago
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