The Niubi Zone is a place where you can farm then Harvest NIU token by adding liquidity (LP tokens) to our Pools

What is a Pool ? It's a liquidity pool with a pair of tokens. It’s basically a smart contract that contains funds. In return for providing liquidity to the pool, LPs get a reward. That reward come from fees generated the Market (AMM SWAP DEX) and additional token which is our Niubi token (NIU).
Premium Ox LP Pools
    BNB-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x30)
    BUSD-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x30)
    BTCB-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x20)
    EGG-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x15)
    DOT-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x15)
    XVS-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x15)
    ADA-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x10)
    SXP-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x10)
    CAKE-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x10)
    BOG-NIU-LP (Deposit Fee: 0%) (x10)
Standard Ox LP Pools
    BNB-BUSD-LP:(Deposit Fee: 4%)(X5)
    BUSD-BTCB-LP:(Deposit Fee:4%)(X2)
    BUSD-DOT-LP:(Deposit Fee:4%)(X2)
    CAKE-BNB-LP:(Deposit Fee: 4%)(X2)
    BUSD-ETH-LP:(Deposit Fee: 4%)(X2)
    BNB-SXP-LP: (Deposit Fee: 4%)(X2)
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