Hongbao Zone

Red envelopes, 红包 (hóngbāo) in Chinese, are a popular gift people give during important festivals and celebrations in China and some other Asian countries. It can be given at weddings, graduations, birthdays or even as a work bonus, but they’re especially widely seen during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).
Stake your Niubi tokens for more NIU or stake your BEP-20 tokens to be rewarded NIU.
    NIU (Deposit Fee:0%)(X20)
    EGG(Deposit Fee:4%)(X3)
    CAKE (Deposit Fee:4%)(X2)
    BUSD (Deposit Fee:4%)(X2)
    BTCB (Deposit Fee:4%)(X2)
    WBNB (Deposit Fee:4%)(X2)
    DOT (Deposit Fee:4%)(X1)
    ETH (Deposit Fee:4%)(X1)
    BSCPAD (Deposit Fee:4%)(X1)
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