Niubiswap has created a platform where users are encouraged to voice their opinions on developments and innovations to be included in its network. Therefore, when the community has spoken, the network listens. For that reason, Niubiswap is launching three exciting games to its platform. Some are classics and one is a Chinese favorite. The games are meant to be enjoyed by the user, but they will have other benefits. These games are popular in the Asian community and across the globe, hence they will be easy for all players to participate in.
Niubiswap is on a mission to create a different experience for its users, with the ultimate goal bringing one they cannot get on another platform. Although these games are simple, they are fun and diverse. This approach was considered to help bring in gamers of different interests. The games also provide an opportunity for Niubiswap to burn tokens, a mechanism that will drastically reduce the amount of tokens in supply.
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Last modified 6mo ago
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